Plague Hill - A small party of players (older and perhaps wiser) return to the hill of Bennachie to, once again, rid the hill of evil. This time, an unholy alliance of Iuzians and The Scarlet Brotherhood were recruiting the local peasants by sucking their souls out of them using a magical plague ring. The resulting soulless peasants became fearless, powerful, unrelenting, savage, unthinking fighting machines. Known as "the lost" they were created to carry out the wishes of their new master, Lord Fireblood, a powerful Iuzian. Appeasing woodland spirits, the local elves, unforgiving paladins, sneaking into a camp and stealing a magical item under the noses of the guards and their golem watcher, solving puzzles and piecing together the mystery of the hill were mere entrees for the hard-fought battles against a well trained and disciplined enemy, often in entrenched positions. A two day event covering miles of hillside and forest and one night of camping with very little sleep.

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