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The following mission statement and aims are at the heart of all our planning, as they ensure that our games have energy and purpose.


"To run live action role-playing games, in the Aspects universe, that are fun for all those involved, at all levels."


  • To run all events to a high standard.
  • To run games in three genres (fantasy, modern and futuristic).
  • To bring different people together to role-play and overcome obstacles.
  • To raise money for charity.

What does this mean?

Basically, we want everyone that should enjoy playing our games to enjoy playing them. This includes ourselves, as we don't organise the games for profit, but just for the delight of running them.

We also believe in giving a little bit back. Perhaps, somewhat schmaltzy but it's nice to help others; therefore we raise money for charity, and try and integrate players of all classes and backgrounds.

In some cases these people will compete with each other; however, in larger events they will be up against a team run by us. This allows them to play the good-guys and helps people work together for an event enjoyed by all.