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Although the Aspects world covers a considerable span of history, it was initially set in 2300 AD. Over a period of years more and more of the world was fleshed out, and needed to be explained by what happened in the past. Thus, the milieu sent tendrils back through time, and into our era, and then deeper into the past.

Aspects, however, is not merely a chronology, and a list of bold characters and stereotyped nations, what makes it special, to us, is the feel and distinct flavour that it has.

It is not dark and gothic; it is a world that has darkness and evil, but these are not all consuming. It also has great good, and the mundane too. It is a world that you and I could recognise: people laugh, cry, care, scheme, and try to get by, much as we do. However, throughout all of this are the supernatural and the fantastical.

The basic premise is that these elements have always been with us; however, in the past a great magic was cast that dulled our senses and warped our history. We, in modern times, (and indeed, up until 2400 AD) have forgotten about the coming of the elves - with their magic, technology and their great wars, and of our knights and heroes of old. We equally, have forgotten the truth of their passing.

Echoes and warped stories remain, however, of the missing 1000 years of our history, and the glory that went with them. We still have our folklore, our lost cities, our heroic epics, and the feeling that something is missing. In a sense, as we gaze to the skies for life, and invent modern myths, we seek to replace what we have lost.

But, in fact, that world is not entirely lost. Some creatures and people stayed behind, and Earth was already populated by the supernatural. They had changed, however: they could no longer roam Earth with impunity, as the human race was now more numerous. We could deal with such creatures, initially, by methods that we, now, consider quaint: throwing salt over our shoulders, and iron horseshoes for luck, and latterly with technology.

To survive and prosper the supernatural went underground, and slipped into the edges of the normal world. Those that could, walked and lived with humans, many others left their lonely glens and hills and sought warmth and companionship any way they could. And, just like the humans, they tried to get by, and hoped that they could be accepted once again.

As the centuries slipped away, they helped humanity to remember. Some followed us into space, and vied in the colonial wars that followed, others stepped out of the darkness to lord it over the weak humans. All sought to shape the future, and deal with the strange and alien findings on other planets.

Eventually, by 2399 AD, Earth was threatened by an invasion from an unbeatable source. At the bleakest point of fighting the supernaturals returned, and helped humanity to break the scourge; however, Earth was destroyed.

Now humanity is struggling to come to terms with the destruction of its metaphorical homeland, as well as coping with the physical evidence of their missing 1000 years of history.

Thankfully, there has always been those supernatural beings that have sought to help humanity throughout the ages, and they are present to ease these troubled times.


The game and world belongs to those that played the table-top version, and specifically to Nigel and Russell, the refs. It is our vision, but can be enjoyed and added to by others. However, there are no source books, so you have to tune into what is required and create appropriate characters. You have to use your imagination, and you have no recourse to raising a geek-finger in a pedantic fashion and telling us, 'how it is'.

We accept that people want to play characters from what they see in films and read in books. We encourage this, with the caveat that they stay within the feel of the game.

Each of the genres, uses a distinct slice of the Aspects world.

  • Ancient Aspects, concentrates on the heroic. It allows people to play characters from the missing 1000 years. As such, it is extremely flexible: you can choose any fantasy race (as long as you can come up with a credible costume); any time period (from Stone-Age barbarian to Renaissance pirate); and any class (from sneaky thieves to spell casters).

Although the table-top game will have modern elements in this era, the live action version, usually, does not. This is simply a style and taste issue: people don't like a mixed genre, and it's too easy to get it wrong, and end up being crass.

  • Modern Aspects, concentrates on those creatures that have managed to survive with the humans. This is, in part, due to the physical limitations of the game: few people enjoy walking down a busy street dressed as an orc in a suit. However, there is still great scope to play fantastical characters, with the added challenge of creating a background that explains how they get by in our world. Overall the modern genre is far more subtle and involves the vicious, but out of sight politics of the supernatural world.


  • Futuristic Aspects, adapts the themes of Modern Aspects to a humanity that has made great advances in technology, and which has spread to other planets. There is still the scope to play the fantastical characters, and their restrictive world has loosened. Their powers, however, are matched by humanity's science and weapons. When and where the game is set also determines the mood: it can range from dark cyberpunk to hick colonialism.



Throughout the Aspects game are some groups of people that keep cropping up. They are listed below.

  • The British Galactic Police Association. This is one of the great forces of good in the galaxy. They evolved from a British fascist police state (the, British Police Association) that controlled much of Earth and many colonies. Over  a century they allowed  democracy to flourish, and built up good relations with their colonists. They, lead by, Prime Minister Arthur, stood in the main battle line against the alien invasion.
  • Supernatural Investigation Services. Growing from a organisation which was formally set up in 1878 AD, these men, women and creatures help keep Britain safe from evil supernatural beings; they are champions of good.
  • The wanderers. Are a group of men and woman who are part of a little understood organisation. They wander the galaxy, other planes and times working towards a great plan.
  • France. Like Britain, France, emerged from a tyranny and made the successful transition back to a democracy under, President Charlemagne. Once a bitter enemy of the BGPA, they have been allied with them since the Incanese invasion.
  • Incanese Republic. In the race for resources in space South America united into a 'super-republic'. The republic is rumoured to be held together by ancient dark gods and barbaric rituals. It recently invaded Britain and attacked its colonies, before being crushed a week later.
  • Red Giant. One of the biggest corporations to have been formed.  It has its roots in our century, although it came to power  in the Neo-Colonial era. The corporation's main HQ is on Mars, as they own the whole planet. They appear to be merely a neutral business leviathan; however, rumours say that the whole corporation is run by vampires.


Players do not have to play one of these groups. They are merely noted to set the tone.