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Zdoom additions to the bex type format.

Zdoom has taken the bex format and added a few extra possibilities to it. 

[Update Note] This list is now quite old.  Whilst I do not think anything on it is strictly obsolete there have been a number of newer additions to the Zdoom range of extensions.  These can be read about in the Zdoom Wiki.


There have been a number of additions to what you can do with bex and things when using zdoom.


The following bits mnemonics can be used with zdoom.

STEALTH Is a stealth monster

TRANSLUC25 Drawn with 25% translucency

TRANSLUC50 Drawn with 50% translucency

TRANSLUC75 Drawn with 75% translucency

LOGRAV Only one-third gravity is applied to it

FLOORBOUNCE Bounces off of floors and walls

SPAWNFLOAT Spawns at a random z location

PUSHABLE Can be pushed

CANSLIDE Can slide along walls

ONMOBJ Is currently standing on top of another thing

PASSMOBJ Can pass under/over other things

CANNOTPUSH Cannot push other things

BOSS Sight and death sounds are played in surround sound

FLOATBOB Objects bobs up and down

DONTDRAWN Is not drawn

IMPACT Can activate projectile hit specials

PUSHWALL Can activate push specials

MCROSS Can activate monster cross specials

PCROSS Can activate projectile cross specials

INVULNERABLE Thing takes no damage

REFLECTIVE Missiles bounce off of it

You can also add the following to your thing’s section, not as bits, but as individual lines to modify how the thing is drawn (zdoom 1.23 and above).

Alpha = alpha amount

Sets the alpha value for the thing. It can be in the range 0.0 - 1.0.


Render Style = style

Specifies how to draw the thing. Style can be:

STYLE_None - Don't draw it at all

STYLE_Normal - Draw the thing without doing anything special

STYLE_Translucent - Draw the thing with regular translucency

STYLE_Add - Draw the thing using a type of translucency that keeps the background at full intensity. (Useful for a brighter type of translucency.)

STYLE_Fuzzy - Draw with the fuzz effect.

STYLE_OptFuzzy - Draw with fuzz or translucency depending on the r_drawfuzz cvar.

STYLE_SoulTrans - Draw translucent, but use the transsouls cvar to get the alpha value.

Translucency can also be altered in version 1.22 with the slightly less easy following format:

Add the line "Translucency=x" to your Thing block, where x is some number between 0 and 65535.

0 is invisible, and 65535 is fully opaque.

However, if you really want invisibility, you would be better off to use the dontdraw flag, because with 0 translucency, the game still goes through all the drawing calculations, which is a waste of time.



Zdoom adds the following code pointers.




The above are used for player weapon frames. FireRailgun will fire a central rail beam. The left and right options are simply fire from the appropriate side, like the quake2 rail. The damage and number of shots used by the rail cannot be modified.



Does absolutely nothing. Just allows you to add a frame of nothingness after the rail so it isn’t too rapid firing.


Used by a monster to fire a railgun. Use this in place of a normal monster attack to make the monster fire a rail gun. Set the monster’s missile damage to the damage value required for the rail attack.


Zdoom has some extra strings in the game, notably the obituary messages you get when a player is killed. These can be modified by adding their mnemonics to the strings section of a bex file.

Strings can also be modified in Zdoom 1.23 by including a languages lump in your wad. This is a compiled lump that is actually meant to be used for alternative language support, but can be used to replace regular text strings. For details, visit the zdoom site and search the forums. Little in the way of official documentation is available for this feature yet.  In addition, looking at the Zdoom beta source code, there seems to be more codepointers available too.  A lot of these seem to come from Zdoom's support of Hexen/Heretic.  I have had a play around with them, and got some things to work, but as they are not yet official, and may well change, I'll leave them for now.