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The Sounds Editor (F5)

Ok, this is an area of the program that I have not fully worked out. It has a table of all the sounds in the game and is a useful look up as it tells you the numbers associated with each sound. This helps you enter them in the F2 things editor as rather than having to try and remember which sound all the numbers correspond to, you can just check them here. It would be easier to use it for this if the sounds were listed alphabetically rather than by number though. The table also has editable elements.

All the sounds in doom either begin with DP or DS. The DP sounds are the bleeps that are used for PC speaker sound which is pretty much redundant now. DS is used for the digital sounds. The sound table only lists the names after the first 2 letters. Therefore sound 1 is listed as pistol, but the actual lumps in the wad file are DPPISTOL and DSPISTOL. You will only need to worry about DP sounds if you are running without a source port, and using the PC speaker as your sound device.

Sound number and sound name can not be edited from here.

Text offset - is the text offset in the executable where the name of the sound can be found. It can be edited, but I have never had a need to. Hitting the j "jump" key here will take you to a screen where you can edit the sound name (just a section of the text editor - F7). So you could change "pistol" to "bang" and any routine in doom that wants to use sound 1 would then look for DPBANG or DSBANG in the wad file(s) loaded.

0/1 - I have tried different values in here and noticed no real effect. Here is what the dehacked manual says should happen. "This may be related to whether a given sound is ALWAYS played at its full volume, no matter how far away it is. For example, some boss activation sounds are always played very loudly even if you are far away from them." Try it and see what happens.

Value – From the dehacked manual again "This is the mixing value when more than one sound is being played at one time. Lower numbers indicate that the sound will be less emphasized among other sounds."