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Aspects live role-playing is run by two referees: Nigel and Russell. We have been running live role-playing games since 1994. Our players have been drawn from all over Britain, with some people  travelling from mainland Europe for larger events.

Although, our players do travel to play we mostly hold events in the North-East of Scotland: between St Andrews and Inverurie.

As well as our still ongoing large events, for four years we ran regular (fortnightly) meetings in St Andrews, Aberdeen and Arbroath. Since then we have organised one-off adventures that have had people playing for up to forty-eight hours.

All our events are run to a high standard.  This is done, in part, to do the Aspects-world justice, as well as ensuring that we have an enjoyable time.

The Aspects world is based on a table-top role-playing game that has been running for 15 years. As this game spans a time period of 3,000 years we try and reflect this in the live-action version. Therefore we run our games in the following genres: fantasy, modern and futuristic.

Overall, we run a game that we enjoy playing. It is personal to us and it is not everybody's cup of tea. However, most people who play it, enjoy it, and come back for more.

The NPCs prepare, in front of a ruined 18th Century tower, for the players' arrival.