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The Refs

Nigel and Russell are two normal human beings with active lives, who also run live action role-playing games.

Nigel is a biology teacher and has been for over ten years. Prior to this he worked in the oil industry, but got out as he wanted to feed his soul, not just his bank balance.

He has been married for sixteen years and has two children.  Even though their father is a role-player the children are well adjusted and normal.

Nigel spends what little spare time there is left over from being a family man, editing and creating levels for computer games, hillwalking, and planning and organising Aspects events.

Russell is currently an archivist working for the Catholic Church.   Despite this, he has no inclination towards religion; instead, he prefers to travel as much as he can. He is a great fan of the Middle-East, South Africa and Gibraltar.

Although academic (he reads voraciously), he also enjoys more active pursuits such as camping and horse riding, and has mountain leader qualifications.  He too spends a great deal of time planning and organising Aspects events.

Unfortunately, for his long suffering girlfriend, he hopes to be travelling again soon.

Nigel and Russell have known each other for over a decade, having met due to a mutual friend. Even after all this time, neither of them has tired in talking absolute nonsense to each other.