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Enjay's Dehacked information and tutorials

Please read this note.

DEHACKED Tutorials

These are based on what I have found out whilst using dehacked myself. So, they are my best guess as to how the various functions operate. Most of the things I want dehacked to do work, so I am assuming I am doing something right.

Dehacked comes with a text file that explains much of what I am covering here, to a greater or lesser extent, and it is worth a read.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

Nigel "Enjay" Rowand

Background stuff.

What is Dehacked?  A General introduction.

How to get Dehacked working.   Including requirements and setting up the dehacked ini file.

Basic Keys and areas of Dehacked.   Including command line parameters.

The thing editor.  Where you will spend a lot of your dehacked time.

The frame table/editor.  The other place you will spend a lot of time.

Misc and weapons.  A small but useful section of the program.

Sound table.  An area of the program I have used less.

Sprite table.  Another lesser used area.

Text editor.  Used to be useful, but BEX does it better.

Extended stuff.

The BEX format and how to use it.

The BEX format - Zdoom additions to it.

Some worked examples of how to do things, with downloads.

The Doom Sprite Naming Conventions and related info

Naming conventions for doom sprites

Extending or modifying sprite ranges by adding your own

Table giving all the Doom sprite 4 letter codes and their corresponding frame numbers for use in DEHACKED.

Table giving all the Doom frame numbers for use in DEHACKED and their corresponding  4 letter sprite codes.


Useful Information.

Code pointer table and BEX alias equivalents.

The Dehacked Grab Bag. - A help file/FAQ I found useful some time ago.